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I built this game to as tool for my product, design, and engineering teams to build empathy for themselves, and our users without having to have everyone involved field research. 

How to Play the Game

Print out this PDF of the Game and cut yourself out a set of cards. 

Use the cards to assess your own financial strengths/weaknesses and what that means for you.

You can use the cards as a guide to observe financial behaviors in your own life, with the people around you. Since we tend to be attracted to people who are our financial twins — but to get the best money skills, you need to be able to find your financial opposite (and love them — hard part). What’s unattractive? Are they driving a fifteen year-old car and have a tiny apartment, even though you thought they had a good job? This person likely cares about long-term savings goals. Does the person talk about spending a lot of time and money on friends? They might have a smaller bank account, but a really robust social network, which is another relationship asset.

In the words of the sage philosopher Michael Jackson, “If you want to make the world a better place, you’ve got to look at yourself and make a change.” Now we know that there’s science behind the pop lyrics — what’s good for your romantic life is also good for your design and product building practice.