How do you incubate an idea from scratch? This project started out from three ideas on post-it notes, one of them being a "something about architecture."  It grew into a web platform for architectural exploration.          
 Using Lean Start-up Methodologies, ArchAngle went through weekly iterations of test and build, with a hierarchical flow chart of questions. 
  Personas were the first tools used the shape the idea. Identifying the types of user led to the choosing of a pool of quality beta testers that fit their characteristics. 
 How do you test an app without coding anything? Make a paper prototype. For ArchAngle, the most valuable testing tool was a set of twenty cards that encouraged architectural exploration in Chicago's River North neighborhood.   
 Paper prototype cards were then translated to a simple Google maps-based app for user testing.
  One of the breakthrough questions that drove design was a feasibility question: "who is willing to pay for the application?" Through interviews with subject matter experts at the AIA Chicago Chapter, the City of Chicago Landmarks department, and Preservation Chicago.
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